Benefits to owners

and their employees:

  • Bring your small business the "big company" edge

  • Provide better benefits

  • Create better customers with healthier and happier employees.

  • Automate your HR recording-keeping on our cloud-based system

  • Provide plans that only larger employers can typically offer

  • Access and provide flexibility and options

MetaHRx powered by MPP

employer service includes:

  • EOR model

  • Payroll & direct deposit

  • Large group health insurance

  • Dental and vision Insurance

  • $20,000 group life Insurance and ADD included

  • Voluntary $100,000 life insurance


  • 401 (k) plan options

  • Highly compensated tax deferred plans

  • State and Federal tax filings

  • Workers compensation insurance

  • Short- and long-term disability

  • Professional HR solutions

  • Identity theft protection

  • Cloud-based owner and employee system portals

Powered by MPP*

MetaHRx in partnership with Milton Park Partners, brings our clients a new unified and more cost efficient way of operating payroll, benefits and human resource management.

This type of employer service has been available only to much larger companies utilizing a shared employee PEO model.  As an employer of record, MPP is the ideal solution for the self-employed and small businesses, as well as large enterprises who outsource project work to contingent laborers and independent contractors.

All services are contracted with and provided by Milton Park Partners directly, with the initial guidance and no charge analysis done by MetaHRx. For more information visit 

Requesting a quote

and signing up is simple:

  • A local Meta HRx representative will work with you and your team to discuss process, pricing and benefits to those involved whle working closely with MPP for a smooth transition

  • We will work with you to learn about your current payroll process, HR administration and benefits currently provided

  • After the RFQ analysis process - we will provide a quote for MPP base service including any additional options you have chosenā€‹