Our history

MetaHRx can help 

In addition to our standard employer and consulting services, we offer custom fit programs, where our connections and experience can help certain areas of your business in accounting services, overall operations, marketing, and outsourcing strategies.  

For an employee outsourcing EOR strategy that may reduce your overall operating costs, please take a look at our new offering, MetaHRx powered by MPP

MetaHRx's founder spent a career in enterprise-wide management consulting services advising high-level executives in product production, retail, supply chain and consumer packaged goods industries, getting the job done for them when they lacked the internal resources or staff expertise to handle the details. 

Now he and his team focused on leading edge solutions, specializing in adult health supplements, skin care, relaxation and stress abatement for Veterans, Seniors, sports professionals and those with chronic conditions.

Scott participates in Veterans causes directly in Nevada including Non-Profit boards such as the IGY6 organization.