Forensics accounting

Fund accounting

Multi-company financials

Construction management services

Project Management & PMO

Accounting systems selection, integration and training

Need tactical help or advice to facilitate transition planning, getting a company ready for sale? 

Decisions to make coming up with a viable short- and long-term strategy to sustain, save or accelerate your business?

We offer experienced people and big 5 phased consulting methodology approach to complex issues and targeted solutions for simple issues and their strategies.

Professional Services

Accounting, marketing, operations technology selection and implementation

Implementing and managing these areas can be tricky at the very least, and disastrous in many cases.  Relying on the vendor alone to help you can leave you in the dust.



            Fortune 500-level help for your business

Evaluations and strategy

Growth mode? Transition planning? Selling out? Starting up? Compliance questions?

Employer Services



MetaHRx professional services

Obamacare compliance hitting your bottom line?

New governmental pay regulations?

Your CPA maxed out?

​Your 1099's or W2's due?

​Forensic accounting project?

​Quickbooks or accounting system assistance needed?

​Merging companies or facilities?

Your competitor gaining?

Your employees leaving for better benefits?

Whether you are a one person company or 100 strong, we have experience in all phases of business process analysis, and planning.

HR payroll benefits strategies

Options for payroll, benefits plans, record keeping, compliance, virtual HR


Group evaluation strategy

We can help evaluate what works for your business. In some cases joining a Professional Employer Organization or Employer-of-Record group model makes sense

All medium or small business is challenged when it comes to offering employee services and benefits in comparison to large national corporations.

Without a big HR department and accounting staff, and having limited systems - how could your small business afford these employee services and benefits, afford the time, and afford the staff to administer it?

Nothng existed to bring it all together - until now.

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